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About us

Who are we? What is What kind of team is this?

The reaction team of was a man team 25 years ago!
Started then with the online casino as well as sports betting and Slots domain to buy for the crypto global gambling market.

At that time the population was not able to see what will come on us unfortunately … with the digital world!

Today we can say that the world is moving digitally facbook, Twitter or Whatsapp, instagram… that is exactly the same with crypto slots. Question is which crypto online casino provider is the best in the world wide online gambling market?

We test them not only online but also visit them in their office or at the fairs. We have a personal conversation with each of the Crypto providers and read between the lines what they want to tell us or convince us!

Unfortunately, most online casino operators are very arrogant and arrogant! Those who forget where they come from… most of today’s crypto slots and crypto casino providers come from the ghettos!

With the conviction is always such a thing with us as team…!

We must be convinced ourselves of the enterprise. They must be authentic there to still online crypto game values bring along. Our website visitors can recommend exactly the best casino provider! Most CRYPTO slots online casino providers CEO (Manager) are very young and hardly have a real feeling to the players unfortunately! There is an old saying: The fish always stinks from the head of him!

That tells us that very often Crypto Gamling Providers are not what they promise! Except for a few exceptions from our list that we really recommend. The ones we recommend to her in the crypto slots & crypto casino website, we all know personally. There to comes also our background knowledge!

Dear reader if you recommend us we are happy – thank you. Team