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Bitcoin, Blockchain & future of Digital Currency | Part 7

Today we continue presenting You the interview published on the 22nd of October 2017, by “Bit By Bit Life”! (Quotation and Free)

A discussion on Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology and the future of Digital Currency.

Charlie Rose is featuring a table for four:

Catherine Wood, CEO, and CIO of Ark Investment Management; Paul Vigna, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal; Lily Katz, a reporter at Bloomberg;

Charlie Rose:

Some countries are embracing it and some are just banning it! Including China.

Paul Vigna:

China seems very anti Bitcoin. South Korea is. North Korea is not, although North Korea might be stealing it. South Korea is starting to embrace it. Over in Europe, they’re pretty pro! Switzerland is pro. The UK actually is really interested in it. The US is, I think… We’re pretty positive on it, you know. When you talk to regulators, you talk to government types. They see, that there could be some value there and something, they want to help build out. So, you’re right! I mean, every Country kind of is at the point, where they try to come to grips with it.

Catherine Wood:

And they’re dealing at it from two points of view. Monetary policy and power. that way. I think that is one reason, China did it. This was a way,  to capital out, also. So they were trying to control that. The regulators are thinking about policy, monetary policy, and capital movements. But, the technology is where they…  you know… they have to do a double take because they are saying: “Wait a minute! If we ban this, then we are banning this potential engine of innovation, like the internet was. This is, where the world wide web was, in the early nineties. Do we want that? No! And so. You are seeing. Especially the developed world. You know. Just a very careful analysis, before they… It was interesting. Christine LeGard of the IMF! She believes it’s going to be extremely disruptive and came out saying so, a few weeks ago. Because she, during zero-eight and zero-nine gained such credibility for calling a spade a spade. I think a lot of people set up and took notice.

Charlie Rose:

Cryptocurrency! Many more conversations to come. Catherine Wood, Paul Vigna, and Lily Katz. Thank you all very much.

And this concludes the full series of out articles about the interview from Bit By Bit Life published on the 22nd October 2017 with Your host Charlie Rose.

Thank you very much

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