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Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash – Bitcoin Cash uses the same blockchain technology as Bitcoin, making every transaction transparent. It was created in August 2017, and has the ability to grow and scale. It is not yet as widely used as its older sibling, however, the increased block size allows for a much faster transaction time, without the congestion of its older sibling. You can both withdraw and deposit in Bitcoin Cash at CryptoSlots.

Bitcoin Cash addresses have taken on a new format, CashAddr, as of January 2018. Please see below for further information.

Bitcoin Cash Guide
1.Create a Bitcoin Cash wallet: Choose from several options, with Jaxx and Exodus as strong options for their ability to support multiple currencies.

2. Buy Bitcoin Cash: Bitstamp and Coinbase are both popular Bitcoin Cash exchanges. You can buy using credit and debit card, PayPal, or other cryptocurrencies.

3. Deposit at Crypto Slots by selecting Bitcoin Cash as your payment method from the drop down list in the Deposit tab of the Cashier. Use the address provided to send the desired amount from your Bitcoin Cash wallet to your CryptoSlots account.

Alternatively you can scan the QR code with your mobile device to make a payment from there.
Bitcoin Cash qr code

New Bitcoin Cash Address Format
A new format of Bitcoin Cash addresses was introduced in January 2018 (CashAddr) to break ranks with the standard Bitcoin “legacy” address format. Almost all online exchanges have adopted this new format as do most wallets, however some hardware wallets such as Trezor, Ledger, and Keepkey have not. Legacy addresses can however be easily converted to the new CashAddr format, and vice versa, through online converters. Both address formats are 100% equivalent. Click here to find out about the format change.

The CryptoSlots address to deposit into is in the new CashAddr format. If any players prefer to use the older “legacy” format, they can convert the displayed Crypto Slots Bitcoin Cash address using the converter.

All Bitcoin Cash withdrawals will be sent in the new CashAddr format by default. You can however change the address format display to the legacy address easily using the converter.

Please do not hesitate to contact Customer Support at any time if you have queries about Bitcoin Cash.