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Max Quest Wrath Of Ra

Max Quest Wrath of RaIs Betsoft’s new slot the beginning of a new era?
In the slot we present to you today, the world of casino games is turned upside down. In Max Quest Wrath of Ra by Betsoft, an epic adventure awaits you in Egyptian pyramids.

At first we wondered who this Max Quest Game might be, but we found out that it’s simply the maximum challenge and you’re the hero of your own adventure. Not that we complain.

In this game, you pick up the weapon yourself and face the enemy hordes instead of just clicking the spin button. And yet Max Quest is and remains a slot that depends entirely on luck and chance. We’ll introduce you to this groundbreaking slot and tell you which online casinos you can shoot at.

1. no reels and paylines, only opponents with random wins
2. ball prices from 0,10 €/$ even 0,001 btc
3. maximum win is still kept secret
4. bonus features include experience points, challenges, special weapons, resurrected fire opponents, god events
5 The payout ratio is 96 %.
6. volatility is in the medium to high range

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The Max Quest Wrath Of Ra Slot
With this slot Betsoft really breaks new ground. The aim is to bring the fun of casino games to fans of video games on mobile phones or home consoles.

Instead of the usual reels and paylines, you’ll see opponents sneaking across the screen. Your bets consist of balls you buy for your weapon. Every shot is a twist. So you target your opponents like an ego shooter on your home console and pull the trigger.

Either you hit, or the weapon misses its target, that’s a spin with no profit. When your opponent goes down, you earn various coin winnings. There are different strong opponents, which bring in different high profits.

The wild symbol
Since there are only different opponents instead of symbols and you don’t have to make any winning combinations, Max Quest Wrath Of Ra can also do without wild symbols.

In return, you get experience points every time you defeat an opponent. If you collect enough of them, you climb up the level and climb up the ladder.

Max Quest Free Spins
There are no real free spins either. But sometimes you have the possibility to shoot at opponents without using real money. Occasionally, defeated opponents can drop special weapons that cannot be used with the bullets they can buy. Instead, you can collect them and defeat even more powerful opponents. Since you don’t have to buy ammo for these special weapons, they are basically free spins. You can buy special weapons, but they’re not free.

The Bonus Game
Max Quest Wrath Of Ra works so different from normal slots in so many ways that it’s hard to find traditional things like a bonus game.

But the more powerful opponents could be described as such. Occasionally, fallen opponents may resurrect as fire opponents. They are a little harder to defeat, but also bring much higher payouts.

In addition, at the end of each round there may be a God event. These occur randomly and to defeat these gods you have to join forces with other players in the room. If you are victorious, a huge treasure chest will be waiting for you. The player who has contributed the most will also receive the largest share of the prize.

Max Quest Wrath Of Ra Jackpot
Max Quest Wrath Of Ra isn’t a jackpot slot either, but if you can win 5000 times your ball value just by defeating a fire opponent, it’s easy to forget.

You can also win great prizes in treasure chests and for winnings on the leader boards, so this adventure is really worth it in the end.

Visit The Max Quest Wrath Of Ra Game

Max Quest Wrath Of Ra on your mobile device
Our phones and tablets are getting more and more powerful, so it’s no wonder you can play a slot as graphic-intensive as Max Quest Wrath Of Ra on your phone.

To keep the frame rate from falling and jerking, make sure your Internet connection is stable, because sometimes there’s a lot going on on the screen. But Max Quest Wrath Of Ra Slot game cuts a surprisingly good figure on smaller screens.
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