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What’s Bitcoin

What’s Bitcoin?
Bitcoin, translated as “digital coin” for example, is a digital currency and also a decentralised booking system. Decentralised in this case means that online crypto slots are not processed via banks or credit institutions, as is usually the case, but in the so-called “peer-to-peer” process, i.e. directly between sender and receiver. Bitcoin is based on the cryptographic protocol of the same name, is an open source currency and is not subject to government supervision.

What’s Bitcoin? Today Bitcoins are already used in many online casinos, are created by special software, so-called mining, and can be stored digitally in special wallets. From this point of view, the process here hardly differs from other e-wallets such as Crypto Casino (here the list of online casinos that use crypto slots) and Co., since there, too, currencies can be sent back and forth between the users, only the central administration office is missing and as a purely digital currency they of course do not exist as paper or coin money.

Although there is now an unmanageably high number of crypto currencies casino, Bitcoin is with a market share of about 50 percent but the most popular among them.

Finally, Crypto Payments are all coins anonymous. This can be especially interesting when players in online casinos try their luck in a legal grey area. With Bitcoin, your credit balance is protected and secure against access by any authorities.

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